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What a week!

A fantatsic start!

Year Three have had a fantastic start to the year so far!  They have worked really hard to remember our Crossdale Way and Rainbow Rules to ensure that we keep ourselves and others safe - we will continue this next week!  Not only this, they are becoming brilliant self-managers and being responsible for their own equipment in their packs!

As well as completing our first five English Oak Academy lesson and White Rose maths lessons, we have done a sketching activity as part of our art week.  The children learned about different grades of pencil and how to apply pressure to create different tones while sketching a monkey puzzle tree. 

Not only this, as part of our Keys to Learning Day, the children thought carefully about what makes an 'Effective Participator.'  (takes part, joins in, listens, includes everyone, thinks about big ideas, tries to help change)  We then focused these principles on 'climate change' and thought about big ideas such as, 'Trees are cut down in an area to make room for houses and food factories.  Which is more important,  the trees or the homes/factories?'  What a debate this caused!

The children have been enjoying their playtimes in their bubble too and the nice weather has meant that we have been able to spread our legs a bit further on the field too!  

Thank you for a brilliant start to the year, Monkey Puzzlers, and thank you for all of the support you have given already in these early days, Grown-ups!  

Have a lovely weekend and see you all Monday!

Miss J :)