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Welcome Back Information

Dear Parents,

We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer some in school learning provision from next week with children able to come for 2 days each. You should already know which bubble your child is in and the teacher they will taught by on those days. We thought it would be useful to create a short video outlining some of the new routines and to show how school is both similar and different. You will need to share this with your child so that they can begin to familiarise themselves with this. It is really important that you talk through the Crossdale Rainbow Rules in particular. It is these rules which enable us to make school as safe as it can be and these must be adhered to at all times. The layout of the classroom and some other new things are also shown and we are sure that watching this will help children to readjust to life in school again and make them feel more confident about coming back.

From the video, you will also note that school drop off is 9 and collection is at 3:30pm. You need to be prompt during these times as we have many other bubbles being dropped off and picked up. This is a way we are minimising contact between groups, for the safety of all. If you have another child in school then your collection will be slightly different to avoid too many parents being on the playground at the same time. Therefore, you should collect your child using the earliest collection time, e.g if you have a child in Reception who is collected at 3:10pm, we will make sure your child is ready to be collected at that time, too.

You will also note that in the presentation, we have mentioned the new 'blended home/school learning mat'. These new mats will be uploaded to the blog every Friday and there will be one for Bubble A, one for Bubble B for the week ahead. This clearly sets out the activities that we will do with your child on the days they are in and show the work that needs to be completed on the 3 days that your child is not in school. It is important that this work is done to ensure that learning in school the following week leads on. For example, Bubble A children will be expected to complete 2 Oak National Academy lessons on their two days in school and will be set the next three Oak National Academy lessons for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to complete with you at home.  So you can see how the learning becomes blended between home and school. We will also be asking you to send work to the class email address each week. Most of you have been doing this already - which we have loved - but we really want to set a clear weekly expectation for this so that all children have the same opportunity to receive feedback from us. All of this will hopefully be clearer when you see the new learning mat on Friday!

One more change will be that Mrs Payne will now blog for Bubble B and respond to feedback, emails, send blogs and give out the weekly 'blended learning mat' plus general contact and I will be responsible for these things for for Bubble A.  We feel that this system will be much easier to manage with different work set at different times and the ongoing contact and things which happen on our different days.

We really are thrilled to be able to spend time with your children and it is wonderful to hear about how excited they have been, also. We know some children are still at home learning and we will miss them greatly but still support them in the fullest manner, as we have done throughout the period of school closure.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries or questions.

Best wishes, Mrs Jones.