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Writing Task for WB 15.6.20

Writing Task for next week:

Next week, we would like you to create your own superhero character and invent your own comic strip to go with it. This will link nicely with the ICT project from this week, too!

There is a reading comprehension paper where you can answer some questions, too. This might help you to get some more ideas. There are different versions of this; some easier and some harder so please choose the one suitable for your child.

I have also attached a word bank to help with vocabulary that you could use, plus some other bits to help in the creativity stage!

As always, we expect Year Twos to use full stops and capital letters correctly, with best letter join handwriting. We should also know how to use conjunctions (and, so, yet, but) to make our sentences longer.

Please do send in your work so that we can celebrate what you have been up to. It is always wonderful to see.

Mrs Jones