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Writing Activity for WB 8.6.20

Dear Monkey Puzzlers,

This week for our writing activity, we will be doing some space descriptive writing. Descriptive writing always means you need to think about adjectives (describing words) as this helps to 'paint' a clear picture in your reader's head. You might like to write a space story or write a postcard/ email to someone back on Earth or write some information about a new planet you have discovered.

*Think about what it is like there: who you might see, what you feel like, what the place is like you have gone to (surface/size) or you might discover a new planet and find there is life out there.

Writing Checklist:

  • Year Two should always use capital letters and full stops or ! where appropriate. Some Year Two also know how to use commas in lists.
  • Adjectives to describe the place you go to and characters/people you might see. Think about how these words help to paint that clear picture of what that place is like.
  • Longer sentences using: and, but, so, if, yet to help add more detail.
  • If you choose to write a story there should be a clear beginning, middle and end.
  • Postcards and emails should have a brief introduction and conclusion at the end.

As always, we love seeing your work so please do send it in to show us.

Mrs Jones

PS. There is also a Space Reading Comprehension activity for next week - see attached.