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Writing Task and Activities for Next Week

Hello Monkey Puzzlers!

I hope your weeks have been good and that you have been enjoying the learning activities you have been set.

I really recommend the Oak National Academy lessons for English, Maths and Foundation (topic) subjects. If you are able to follow these, that is fab. The lessons are a video and the teachers are working from areas of the Y2 curriculum so if you have the technology for this, this is ideal for your child's learning needs. Lessons can be viewed at any time and build up through the week so there might be a spelling focus or skill that the teachers return to in every English lesson for a week, for example.

I know some of you are happy with other resources that we have shared and would prefer to use these challenges more flexibly. If you are on of those, here is the writing activity for next week:

Step out into the garden. Imagine you are a bird, butterfly, wasp, bee or flying creature. Where have you been? What can you see? Describe the garden and outside space, the colours, the senses that you are in tune with. What hazards have there been?

I look forward to seeing some of your super activities next week.

Have a fun weekend.

Mrs Jones