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writing activity

Hello lovely Year 2 children (and lovely parents of course!)

How are you all? I hope you are happy, busy with fun things and safe with your family. I am really missing you all. I know Mrs Jones has been busy from home updating you with things you can do at home. I have been busy in school which has meant I have been lucky enough to see a few of you in and out of school (through the school fence and well distanced!!) I have seen the pictures you have sent us which has been fab to see. So many activities and smiles!

I know there are lots of resources that have been recommended to you already, like the Hamilton resources but I have attached a writing activity for you to try. I have popped on the Steps to Success at the bottom to help you remember all the ingredients we try to use to make our end piece of work exciting!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and messages from all the staff – we loved sending them to you, we all miss you!

Keep smiling, be happy and stay safe!

Lots of love

Mrs Payne