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Writing Task for wb 6.4.20

Hello Monkey Puzzlers,

I hope you are all well and keeping busy during this time. I am so impressed with the hard work you are doing on mymaths, doodle, Reading Eggs and Spelling Shed as well as all the other photos we have been sent. It really is great to see when I am at home and is really keeping me feeling cheery seeing all the pictures of you!

See below for an attachment for the writing task for next week. There will also be Easter packs for English and Maths finding their way to you.  Tasks have been set for you on mymaths, doodle and spelling shed - I hope you find these ok. I have also been busy preparing some learning in other subjects. You can look forward to a UK project that will be blogged soon and a history one after that. 

Keep in touch,

Mrs Jones