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Hello everyone,

Firstly, I hope everyone is really well. I am missing the children so much today; felt very strange not to be hearing abotu weekend news from your families - please make sure you say hello to them from me!  It all felt very abrupt and quick towards the end of the week. I managed a few 'hygenic' high fives from some lovely Year Twos and some sad good byes, too, hopefully for the short term.

I am sure you have been busy settling into your routine today and for many of you, you will have been juggling working from home as well as home schooling. I am also sure that you feel fairly well resourced in terms of activities we provided but I wanted to direct you to where there are home learning packs for the whole week in both English and Maths with activities for each day.

I will be in touch again soon to further guide and support and we will be rolling out an email address for direct contact, too, which I hope you will find useful.

Take care,

Mrs Jones.