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  • Bubble A: Week Beg 13th July

    Published 08/07/20, by Claire Jones
    Bubble A children: Hello again lovely Bubble A children and parents! We have had another super week with lots of fun and smiles. Your children have worked so hard during their two days in school and have really engaged with the project of this
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  • Bubble B Blended Learning Mat

    Published 07/07/20, by Clare Payne
    Hello everyone, Please find below the attachment for this week's blended learning mat which will start on Thursday 9th July. Please get in touch if there are any problems. I look forward to seeing many of you in school on Thursday. Thank yo
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  • Another great Bubble B Day

    Published 04/07/20, by Clare Payne
    Hello Bubble B’s,   What a fab Friday we have had. The children have settled into the new routines brilliantly and it feels like the ‘new normal’ is already well established. We have had another busy day looking at non-ch
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  • Brilliant Bubble B's

    Published 02/07/20, by Clare Payne
    What a welcome back Bubble B! It was such a great day seeing some of the Year 2 children back in school today. I had really missed you and it was lovely to see lots of smiling faces coming into school this morning. We have had a day of learning a
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  • Bubble A: Blended Home Learning Mat WB 6.7.20

    Published 01/07/20, by Claire Jones
    Bubble A children: Hello everyone! I am already really excited to see you on Monday - especially when I put together this blended home/school learning mat and I think about the fun ahead of us next week. Hopefully you found this document useful&nb
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  • Fantastic Monet Artwork

    Published 30/06/20, by Claire Jones
    Bubble A: We have enjoyed finding out about the life of Monet and about the style of his artwork this week. The children loved re-creating this well known piece. Have a look at some great mixing and 'dabbing' techniques and some super co
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  • A wonderful first day back!

    Published 29/06/20, by Claire Jones
    Great first day back for bubble A! Wow, I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to welcome back some of the Y2 children today. Of course we have missed the children in bubble B but it felt great to be filling the school with some more children
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  • New Art Project - 29/6/20

    Published 29/06/20, by Padraig McKenna
    We hope you are all well.  Mrs Westie has planned an amazing art project for everyone. This is based on the art of Claude Monet and has activities for Reception, Y1 and Y2 ("KS1") and Y3-6 ("KS2"). There are three act
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    Published 28/06/20, by Clare Payne
    Hello Bubble B's, I have attached a plan and some activities for the next three days. These should hopefully feed nicely into the learning we will start on Thursday in school. For those who won't be in school, these activities still link w
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  • Bubble A Spellings

    Published 27/06/20, by Claire Jones
    The children will be learning the following spellings next week: after, fast, last, past, father, class, grass, pass, plant, bath. I have set some practise on spelling shed which will be released on Monday for the week ahead. I have set this to
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    Published 27/06/20, by Clare Payne
      Dear Parents of Bubble B, Year 2 children, I hope you are all well and your children are excited about returning to school. I am really looking forward to seeing you all again next week! Please find attached the new format for sharing
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  • Bubble A: Blended Home Learning Mat wb. 29.6.20

    Published 26/06/20, by Claire Jones

    Dear Parents of Bubble A, Year 2 children,

    I hope you have all had a good few days enjoying the lovely sunshine. What a funny old day today though with all that sunshine and heavy rain! I hope you can all make the most of the weekend - whatever the weather!

    Please find attached the new format for sharing our home learning - it is called a 'blended learning mat'. Your child will now be in school on a Monday and Tuesday so I have included the timetable of what we will be doing on those days. There is also clear provision for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday shown on this timetable. Your child will need to continue to do their learning from home on these days and we will look forward to seeing weekly photos of the work that you complete (in particular the product of the English unit which is usually a writing task on a Friday). Typically there will be 3 further English and maths lessons plus some of the wider curriculum projects for this home learning. We hope that you will find this format straightforward and the expectations for those days very clear. This will lead nicely into the lessons that follow for the next Monday and will give your child the best chance of keeping up with their learning.

    As I mentioned in the previous blog, I will now be responsible for responding to all the Bubble A emails and feedback; Mrs Payne will be providing feedback and communication to Bubble B children. We thought this would be an easier way to separate our work in terms of our job share and the work that will trickle through on different days. 

    If you haven't yet watched the video on the 'Welcome Back' blog with your child, please do so before returning next week. There is a lot of information on there and children in other year groups have found this very useful to help their child adjust to another changing situation. Also, our Rainbow Rules are very important. Although we will spend time familiarising ourselves with this on Monday morning (and indeed referring to these on a daily basis), it is crucial that your child has some understanding of this before they come back.

    As always, do get in touch if you have any queries ahead of Monday. 

    Looking forward to Monday. Happy weekend! Mrs Jones.

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