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Reception News

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This week we have been weighing in Maths, learning  about the life cycle of seeds through 'The Tiny Seed' story as well as planting our own beans. 

Thank you for the lovely photos of the sunflower seeds that are already germinating and sending up shoots.

We have been inspire this week by the story 'Supertato'. We paln to make our own supertato's and describe their super hero powers. We will also be  learning about the properties  o f 3D shapes too and plan to make a super cylinder!

If you could send your child in with a potatoe and a toilet/kitchen roll tube next week that would be really helpful. 

Lat week your child came home with a sheet describing the colour book they are currently choosing from. This had helpful tips and key words useful for that particular stage. If you would like access to more books try logging onto for free access to lots of online books.