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Ready for take off...

We have had a wonderful afternoon setting off to the Caribbean!

We all boarded the flight CR055 to St Lucia after talking about airport security and then when safely in our seats we had some in-flight entertainment form Mrs Jones and Mrs Westie where we began to learn about this small island. We thought about how St Lucia is different to Keyworth and what we would need to visit a place like St Lucia and why.

Over the next few weeks we will learn more about the weather, environment, animals, food, music and life in general of this island. We have encouraged the children to think about what they would like to find out about St Lucia and write down questions to research.

Next week we are also lucky enough to also have a visit from 'Zoolab' who will be bringing in animals and insects that may be found in habitats like the rainforest of St Lucia.  It is a fantastic way to enrich the topic and there is a small cost per child for this visitor which has been added to school money.

A fabulous first day back!

Mrs Jones