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Christmas Holiday Homework

Dear Year 1 parents,

Merry Christmas (nearly...!)!

We believe that Christmas is a time to be with your family and to enjoy a well earned rest so that the children can come back refreshed and ready to work hard in January.

However, we understand that some children and parents like homework while they are away from school  and like guidance on how to support their child's learning. With this in mind, here are some things you could do with your child over Christmas. Please bear in mind this is optional and does not need returning to school unless your child particularly wants to.

It's going to be an exciting and fun week - see you tomorrow, Mrs Jones.


* Research our next topic - St Lucia.

*Practise reading Tricky Tracker words (when these can be read, practise spelling them).

* Write a list of the gifts you give/receive.

*Help with some cooking, or do some baking (with a grown up!). Practise measuring liquids, weighing ingredients and reading scales.

*Go on a shape hunt around your house - can you decsribe the faces of any 3d shapes? Can you name all the 2d shapes you spot?

*Practise spelling the words we have learnt so far.

*Can you write some perfect sentences? They could be about anything you like... say it, count the words, write it, check it.

*Keep a diary about what you have been doing during the holidays.