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What is FRank up to today?

Good morning!

Frank is very well rested from his day yesterday and has been busy having a nose around my house. Here is a note he left you today:

Hi Year 1 friends,

When I am in the North Pole, there are all sorts of interesting shapes wrapped up as presents. There are cones, spheres, cylinders, cubes, cuboids, pyramids and many more. The elves help to wrap these 3d shapes - we like to describe them as we go. 3d shapes are solid.

Mrs Jones says we can do some shape work next week to help me feel at home in Keyworth. I've been looking around her untidy cupboards and playing a game with her describing them, so I've been saying things like: 'it has 3 faces, it can roll, it has 2 circle faces and 1 other one. What am I?  or...I have 6 square faces, what am I?

I wonder if you can have a look through your cupboards and house and see what 3d shapes you can find and name? Can you send some pictures in of the objects you find tomorrow?  Or maybe just draw some.

In the role play area, you will be able to practise wrapping presents with me with lots more 3d shapes in there to practise describing.

See you in the morning (I can't wait!).

Love Frank Elfington. xxx

PS Below are some online resources and games to play if you wish.