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This week we have been getting to know the chicks. The children have loved having the opportunity to handle them and see them up close. 

Next week we will be finding out about a different kind of bird through Martin Waddell's Owl Babies story.

From the story we will be taking the sentence 'I want my Mummy' as our Super Sentence of the week to practise saying, reading and writing.

Our focus in maths will be adding. We will be using our Maths Tool Kit (please pop in and see our new display) to explore adding 1 and 2 to lots of different numbers.

Thank you for your continued support with Tricky Trackers and regular reading practise. Don't worry if your child hasn't been given a Tricky Tracker yet. Once they are up and running with their blending they will start bringing them home along with a Read At Home colour book.

Please check your child's Reading Information Book to see which colour books they are currently choosing from. 

As always please pop in or email us any queries or questions. 

Finally thank you for all of the everylittlevoicematters  emails. The children love sharing their news with the class.