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Spelling/ Tricky Trackers

You will have seen from the initial plan I blogged that there are no spellings this week. Instead, I would like you to work with your child on the Tricky Trackers. We will be revising these in school but the more exposure and practise the children have, the more confident they will be in recognising these words in books. 

You should have the Tricky Tracker your child is working on - if not, please come and see us. There are also copies of these, for your reference, in your child's Reading Journey Book.

There are some children that have completed these - great! We will now be ensuring they know how to spell these and apply this to their writing so we will be going back to Tricky Tracker 1 and working through again, but with a spelling focus. 

As ever, pop in if you have any questions.

Mrs Jones