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A visit from the firefighters!

Another great day today! We have had the firefighters visit us from West Bridgford. We weren't sure if they would be able to join us, or if they would be called out to an emergency - but they spent some of the morning with us. They talked to us about being a firefighter and we asked lots of thoughtful questions.  Mrs Jones even dressed up in their clothes (too heavy for the children to do this, unfortunately). Then they showed us around the fire engine and we got to sit inside and see how well organised the engine was. 

Finally, we set fire to our own houses whilst conducting an experiment: some houses were close to each other and the others had a gap - which would stay alight the longest? We guessed correctly and watched the whole of the model road burn! We were grateful we could do this so safely under the supervision of the firefighters. The firefighters had already taught us about keeping safe and only doing this under appropriate conditions. You will be able to see the remnants of this by the school gates and hopefully your child can talk you through the morning.

It was lovely to hear the conversation and understanding that your children demonstrated. They really love this topic! 

Here are some photos...