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Half Term Homework

activities for the half term holidays

Hello all,

Thank you for an amazing half term! I have really enjoyed all of our topics this term, and so have the class! I will upload some photos to show you what we've been up to.

For this Half term holiday, the children have received some fun holiday activities to do linked to their Romans topic:

- build a Roman Road (This is one for those of you that like messy fingers!) One year, a pupil made a roman road into a rockies road cake! and I even had some children make Roman roads in their gardens!

- design your own Roman shield activity

I have also left a couple of revision spelling assignments on Spelling shed, as well as 2 doodle maths assignments in their online accounts.

Please have a go at these English and maths activities to keep your learning fresh, and have fun with the Roman activities if you like!

See you after the holidays,

Mrs. R