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Super Science

Hello Marvellous Maple,

We have been doing some super science activities over the last few weeks. We have been investigating the effects of different drinks on our teeth. In one experiment, we placed boiled eggs in different drinks and left them for a week to see the effects on the shell. We talked about the egg shell acting as the enamel on our teeth. We also placed 2p coins in similar drinks to find out what happened after a few days. The Coke was the worst drink for staining the egg shell and the lemonade took away all of the coating on the coin. In both experiments we found that water was the best drink for keeping our teeth healthy.

Once we had collected all of the results we wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy. We told her about our findings and the things we need to do to keep our teeth nice and healthy. These included eating and drinking healthily and brushing our teeth twice a day.

I have attached a few pictures of our investigations.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Payne