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Some Phonics Info

Hi everyone,

At the moment, phonics is being run in class groups as opposed to our 'typical' arrangement of splitting children into different, smaller groups across base 1 where children are very similar in terms of their ability. We do have an extra adult in our bubble which means we can run two groups, which is really useful, however, groups are not as small and carefully designed as we would like. We are teaching at least 1 phonics lesson per day, and most days we are teaching 2, just to try to help children embed and consolidate their phonics knowledge, absolutely committed to getting children reading as quickly as possible.

Phonics is still super important to your child's reading and writing. At the end of Y1, they were due to sit the National Phonics Screening Check which is basically a list of 40 words (20 real; 20 alien) and your child will be required to read them, one by one. Although this was missed in Y1 due to school closure, Y2 children are still required to do this check just before Christmas. I will provide more information about this closer to the date but it is a statutory assessment which tests your child's ability to use their phonics in reading (as opposed to relying on other reading skills).

Phonics assessments are under way and we have almost completed the Y2 ones which is again great news so early on! This means we know what your child's gaps are and we can work to address these. 

We now have an excellent resource whereby we can send you phonics videos linking to some of the gaps your child might have. The link will last for 7 days but will really support your child and help to tailor their learning in phonics. Essentially, it is a case of using the link and pressing play. These videos are high quality and replicate our teaching and lesson format in school so I am sure you will agree on how beneficial the potential of these are.

I will email you each individually tomorrow to share a video that is suitable for your child.

We are also in the process of doing reading assessments. We will update you on this as soon as they are complete. In the meantime, I have sent home a book with your child (hopefully it found you on Monday) and Mrs Payne will swap books again on Thursday. These books are best fit at the moment, based on my judgement, so please bear with us if your child finds them a little easy or hard.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch. I would appreciate your feedback!

Mrs Jones