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What a super Year 1 Class!

What a super first day back for all of Monkey Puzzle Class! Everyone came in smiling and talking happily about their holidays. I have enjoyed having a quick look through the holiday books that we have had in. Thanks for spending so much time doing that activity with your child; you have been busy! It has meant that they can talk well about their summer. Thanks also for all the baby pictures that have come in. The teachers had fun after school guessing who was who - we look forward to seeing some of the others as they come in.

The children have enjoyed lots of play through learning experiences today and have got to know all our play areas. I was amazed at how brilliantly some children tackled the numicon challenge. As well as this, we have been drawing pictures of ourselves (be sure to pop in and see the display!), talking about class rules and the Crossdale Way and have had a visit from Jane at Little Mouse Pottery. The tiles children made with her will be sent to the kiln and displayed in the dining area in a few weeks. I am so excited to see the finished product!

I've had a bit of a technical issue with uploading photos. These will be blogged as soon as this is resolved.

I know Mrs Payne will enjoy her day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to Monday.

Mrs Jones.