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Dear Maple Class,

You have all been superstars over the last couple of weeks and we have been incredibly proud of how well you have adapted to being back. From now on I will blog a weekly ‘blended learning mat’ every Friday. This new style of mat will give a clear picture of what we will be covering in school and what we would like you to do at home on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

To allow a smooth transition between school and home we will be using Oak National Academy lessons for English and White Rose Home Learning for Maths. Each week we would like you to do the Oak National Academy extended writing on a Thursday and Friday and then email a photo of the writing to us. This will mean we can give feedback and share this with the children on Monday. We will also now be doing a spelling quiz on a Monday so please have a go at learning the weekly spellings set (this will be printed for you). Every Tuesday your child will come home with resources to allow you to carry out the tasks as easily as possible.

For those of you that are returning to school on Monday we want you to know that we are very excited to see you. During the weekend please familiarise yourself with the Rainbow Rules and watch the welcome back to school video:

Please remember to use the class email address for any question and I will be more than happy to help.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morgan 😊