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Spelling week beg 13.5.19


This week our spellings will all be air and are words.

I have attached a word search and this will come home tomorrow with your child. However, if you'd like a different activity then you could use these words within a sentence. Remember to encourage children to slide from the line, start their sentence with a capital and use correct punctuation - these are our Y1 non-negotiables!

I have swapped around this week and next week's words because it fits in with other areas of learning. Next week's words will be au and aw words. Another word search is included (because I have had really positive feedback on how much children have been enjoying these), however an alternative activity for next week is to write the words using rainbow writing, bubble writing, capital letters etc or in whatever creative way your child might like to present them. This word search will come home with you next week, as usual.