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Icky Doo Dah in the Wild Area

This week weve been exploring the character Icky Doo Dah.

The children enjoyed collecting different materials to make their clay Icky Doo Dahs. I wonder what adventures they will get up to when they go home. Please email ELVM and let us know what happens!!

Next week....

We will be looking very closely at our frogs to see what stage of their life cycle they are moving into next. If you have any stories or frog information books we would love to see them.

In maths we well be exploring doubles. The maths stem sentence we will be practising is 

Double ______ is 2 lots of _______ which makes_______. 

Thank you for your reading comments in the Reading Info Books. The children are getting much more independent at swapping their books. Please feel free to  pop in at the end of the day if they need support with this.