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Booking childcare for w/b 30th March

If you have told us you are a Critical Worker and your employer has confirmed you are needed for critical work, please use the following link to book childcare on days you are needed at work.

Children classed as vulnerable can also book childcare here. NB school will have contacted you if this applies to you.

Before and after school care is provided by Windmills Childcare - you will be invoiced for this childcare. Please contact us if this prevents you carrying out your Critical Worker role, especially if you work for the NHS and are being asked to change shift patterns. 

Please ensure only one parent completes the form.  

This link works for Crossdale and Keyworth Primary children, as well as families who only use Windmills Childcare

Booking link now closed - please use emails below

Please complete this, if possible, by 6pm on Thursday 26th March. Email us on or if you need have any questions.

Many thanks