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'Keydale' - childcare update: Day 1

The children have been magnificent today - making new friends and adapting to our new arrangements. The staff team have been an absolute credit to our schools, working together to ensure the children are safe and well looked after. 

Please read the information below and let us know if you have any questions.


Please bring the children to school ready for a 9.00am start (unless you use Windmills – if you do, drop them at the wooden building on your right as you enter the school site, when you arrive from 7.30am). A member of staff will be at the school gates from 8.50am to greet the children and take them into school. We want to reduce the number of adults who enter school as much as possible. Parents and carers will not be expected to come into school at any time. This also applies to the end of the school day. Please go onto the front playground and wait for your child – please be mindful of social distancing. Staff will be on the gate from 3.25 to help.

In school, each child will be using their own equipment – pens, pencils, rulers etc. If they have a pencil case and their own pens, pencils, pencils crayons, felt tips etc then they are welcome to bring these in. Do not worry if they have not, we will make a pack up for each child that they will look after. However, it would help us if you can ensure your child has a pencil case in school as we do not have any to share with the children. Children will then only use their own equipment and not share items as they usually do.

If the children use a laptop or PC they will have their own allocated to them and use the same one from now on. Children will have a desk to themselves rather than the usual two children to a desk.

Hand washing routines will be recapped each day – please talk to your child about effective hand washing and practise with them.

During the day, there will be a mixture of activities and the structure of the days will evolve as we see what works well. We have a more relaxed atmosphere in mind – but with definite elements similar to normal school work. It is important to stress this is childcare to support key workers, not teaching. All pupils can access the home learning packs and activities on the website set by class teachers.

From now onwards, children should wear clothes that will allow them to join in with the sporting challenges Miss Robinson and Mr Sanders have planned for them. Outdoor activities and sport will be a feature of every day. No uniform is needed for the foreseeable future.

We are hoping that you have a thermometer at home. Please check your child’s temperature each day before you send them to school. If they have any symptoms or feel unwell in any way at all I urge you not to send them to school for the safety of all. Please contact us (see below) if you do keep yu child at home.

Our aim is to strike a balance between keeping strict routines in place in terms of hygiene and safety, remembering that the social aspect and their emotional well-being is accounted for during what are very worrying times for some children, particularly if they know significant adults in their lives are working in hospitals.


There will be at least 6 members of staff looking after the children each day shared across 3 different classes.  Each ‘team’ will work for a full week and then will not come back into school the next week. There will also be SLT, kitchen and admin staff in school working on a similar rota. This rota will allow for social distancing measures. Staff not in school will support home learning and will be taking their own social isolation very seriously.

We currently have your contact information but it is vital that if this changes or there is a better number to ring on a particular day you inform the staff member on drop off.

As the situation develops there is going to be the very real possibility that the rota we have set up will change if a member of staff has to self isolate for any reason.

All staff who are on the premises have up to date First Aid training.

The Environment

We are going to use as little of the school as possible – ideally no more than 3 classrooms, with children eating in the classrooms. We will not use the hall or any other parts of the school. This will allow us to focus our cleaning efforts – we are being supported in this endeavour by site staff from both schools. All areas that children have used during the day will be thoroughly cleaned each evening.


We will send out a new online booking form each week, asking you to complete it by Thursday ready for the following week (Oor new booking for next week will be sent out by tomorrow). This will allow us to plan for the week ahead.

If you need to change or cancel a booking, please contact us on us on 0115 9748088 or email us on  or