At Crossdale we aim to make learning exciting and challenging for all our children whilst ensuring that all our children feel secure and safe.

Crossdale Keys to Learning

The Crossdale Keys to Learning are a set of six skills or attributes which we will develop in the children as they progress through our school.

They are higher order learning skills that are designed to help your child learn in all subjects. We chose these six skills after reviewing research into the skills and attributes possessed by people who are successful in a range of contexts. Our aspiration is that children leaving the school will be able to name and discuss the six keys.

The Crossdale Way

Our behaviour code, The Crossdale Way, was designed by staff and children and attempts to encapsulate the things we do well at Crossdale that ensure all children can enjoy school and achieve. The tag line for the Crossdale Way, 'At Crossdale we Care', reflects our Crossdale Family ethos whereby all members of the school community are valued.