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Safer Internet Day 2016

We've updated our page about Safer Internet Day for this year's event - 9th February 2016 - and we have added links to some new resources to the children's e-safety page.   

Don't forget our joint meeting for parents, which will be held at Keyworth Primary at 6:30 PM on Tuesday 9th February! At the meeting we will discussing how you can help your children learn to stay safe online and we will also share some very useful resources.

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Safer Internet Day - resources for parents

We have made a new page which shares some really useful links to advice and resources that we recommend for Crossdale parents and carers. These materials will help you become more informed about the ways in which children / young people are able to use technology to communicate and how you can help them develop an understanding of how to stay safe and how to behave appropriately online.

This page is in the "Info / For Parents" section of our website. You can visit the page by clicking this link. 

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Safer Internet Day Assembly

Our Safer Internet Day assemblyThis afternoon we had a special assembly for Safer Internet Day. We talked about the ways we used technology to help us do things. We said that these things included staying entertained, being creative and talking to our friends. 

Year Six had prepared some short pieces of drama to help us think about the ways in which we could help to make the internet a better place. These ways included:

  • being nice towards each other;
  • remembering that being unkind on the internet would hurt other people's feelings - just like when we are talking face-to-face;
  • helping other people to use the internet safely if they are unsure how to do this.

We shared some of the work that we have been doing in class and we reminded each other that the most important thing we could do was to talk to our grown-ups if we were worried by anything that happened on the internet.

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Good Digital Deeds

This afternoon, we have been working on some short pieces of drama that we will share at our special Safer Internet Day assembly. These are intended to help people think about how they can help to be part of "creating a a better internet together". We are going to show people what to do if they are concerned about something and how they can help other people to use the internet safely. One of the most important ways that we can do this is to remember to be nice to each other online. 

We used some of the suggestions from the website.

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Year 4 - Paper People Pledges

Paper People Pledges

For Safer Internet Day we have been learning more about how we use the internet and how we can possibly make it even safer for us to use in the future.

We had a brief discussion, generated ideas and then made some 'pledges' on how we could improve the internet experience for us all, recognising all the positives and negatives.


The start of our internet pledges





Notes from our discussion

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