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Wear it Wild Day

Wear it Wild Day
Children in Year 4 have been busy making posters to remind everyone about the Wear it Wild Day next Friday. We have recalled all of the features of persuasive adverts that we learnt about last half term to create some brilliant posters - they will really get the message across!
We are looking forward to seeing all your costumes for the Wear it Wild Day next Friday! Don't forget to bring some small change for the cake sale after school!
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Year 4 Rainforest Collage

Hello all! We have started work on making our rainforest display in the Year 4 classroom. As we learn more and more about the rainforest, we will add to the display. If you have any old card boxes or green-coloured materials that are destined for the recycling bin, please send them in with your child as we can reuse them in our collage. Pictures to follow!

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Half term activities

Hello all!
I hope that you have been having a great half term - relaxing and having fun!
Here is a reminder of your jobs for this week, to keep those brains ticking over!
1. Keep up with your reading journal - remember to do one entry per week about the book that you are reading. Tell me what you liked about it and why.
2. Check your MyMaths - there is an activity on there for you to do this week.

We are going to be learning about the rainforest next week, so if you find out anything exciting then do let us know when we are back next week :)
Have a great holiday!

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Our Windmill Farmer project

Our Windmill Farmer project
This week and last week we have been looking at the story of the Windmill Farmer. We have learnt about how we can use the technique of 'show-not-tell' to bring our writing to life by describing the actions of a character to capture their feelings and personality. The children have written some excellent pieces of writing that were very descriptive. We shall be putting together a display of the children's work soon so you can see it for yourself.
We have also started to make some actual windmills too!
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Year 4 Homework reminder

Hello all, the Year 4 homework from Friday is due in tomorrow.
Don't forget to bring in your homework folder too, as we have past homeworks to give out and put in your folder.

Thank you!

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