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Edale - Final Reminders

Dear parents / carers,

Our trip to Edale is almost upon us! We’re all really excited here.

We’ve talked to the children to day and allowed them lots of opportunities to ask questions so hopefully they will be feeling happy and as eager to get away as we are.

On Monday we would like the children to come to school at 08:10. (Ideally somewhere between 08:05 and 08:15. We’ll give them a chance to go to the toilet and then we’ll try to set off at 08:30ish. This will hopefully help us avoid getting tangled up in a traffic jam on Crossdale Drive.

In their small rucksack/day bag we would like the children to bring:

  • water (in bottle with sports top);
  • a packed lunch (not in a lunchbox);
  • sun cream/ sun hat;
  • waterproof trousers;
  • waterproof coat (if not worn);
  • thin fleece / jumper (if not worn);
  • purse / wallet (maximum £10)
  • game / book for coach—if necessary;
  • (disposable) camera—if brought.

We will return to school on Wednesday at approximately 16:15. Our exact time of arrival will be a little uncertain due to traffic; we will try to keep you updated about our ETA using text messages.

Emergency Contact Details

If, in exceptional circumstances, you need to get in touch with us during the trip, it will be possible to use the following emergency contact number:

07960 066 856

(This number is only monitored during school trips and residential visits.)

And finally…

Though we’ll be busy, we’ll be happy to talk to you on Monday morning if you have any final questions or concerns.

Have a great weekend.

Mr McKenna and Miss Rodriguez


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Edale - quick reminder

As we get close to our trip to Edale, we thought it sensible to send home a quick reminder about times for departure and return to Crossdale

On Monday 22/5/17 we would like the children to come to school at approximately 08:10 – 08:20.

Our hope is that the coach will leave at approximately 08:30; this is so we miss the traffic arriving for the start of the school day!

For Monday the children should have a small rucksack which contains:

  • a packed lunch
  • water (in a plastic bottle with sports top)
  • a waterproof coat
  • waterproof trousers
  • suncream and sunhat
  • small game, book etc. for the (very short) coach journey – if necessary

Everything else can be packed in their suitcase.

We will be walking in the countryside on Monday so the children should be wearing their trainers (with good soles) or light walking boots / trail shoes. The weather forecast currently suggests that we may have showery weather so we’d like to remind you that jeans are less suitable than lightweight trousers, tracksuit trousers, leggings etc.

On Wednesday 24//5/17 we are planning to return to school between 16:15 and 16:30; our exact time of arrival will be subject to traffic conditions, but we will try to keep you updated about our ETA.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

kit list

Mr McKenna and Miss Rodriguez

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Edale Kit List Reminder

The link below will take you to a PDF version of the kit list for our trip to Edale. The heavy rain today is a useful reminder that (lightweight) waterproof coats and trousers are essential!

If you've already bought any new footwear, it will be helpful if the children have used them a bit so they are worn in.

Please get in touch with Miss Rodriguez and/or Mr McKenna if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend!


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Year 6 Transition Visit

Dear Parents.
On Thursday 18th May, staff from South Wolds Academy will be coming into school in the day to meet the children in Year 6, as part of the preparation for their transition to secondary school.
The staff from South Wolds will be available from 3:30 – 4:30pm in the school hall, for a ‘Question and Answer’ session.  Please come along during this time if you can, to ask any questions that you might have regarding your son / daughters move to South Wolds.  You should receive communication from South Wolds about this very soon.
Kind regards,
Mr McKenna and Miss Seedhouse
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We've finished SATs!


Today (Thursday) was the last of our KS2 SATs papers. We are happy to have finished them!

The glorious sunshine helped us to enjoy the rest of the day. We spent some time playing football. We had numerous games of ultimate Frisbee We sat in the sun. We sat in the shade. We talked. We sat around and had some peace and quiet. We played charades. We did all sorts of things.

We did not do any revision. We did not do any practice tests. We didn't do any maths on whiteboards! We didn't even talk about the subjunctive mood! 

Tomorrow, we will have a bit of a celebration breakfast in class (after the children in band return to the classroom). We will then relax a bit more! All day long!

The children are welcome to come in pyjamas and some children are going to bring in cushions and beanbags so we can be comfortable as we watch a movie - or two!

We'll get back to work on Monday.

It wouldn't be fair for me to let today go by without sending home a huge well done to all of the children. We have been hugely proud of their attitude this week. They have approached what could be a daunting challenge with great maturity and resilience. The attitudes that we have been privileged to see this week will equip your children brilliantly as they move through life and meet its challenges.

We've encouraged the children to welcome the challenge of the SATs papers and to adopt an attitude that doing their very best is sufficient reason for them to be proud.

Every single child has done that this week. All of the adults around school, including the visiting governors who came in to help administer the tests, have been struck by the children's cheerful fortitude and good humour. Those of us who were with the children during the tests saw them work with great diligence and seriousness as they tried to get every mark and spot every mistake that they could 

I couldn't be more proud of them all.

Mr McKenna


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