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Happy Holidays



Dear Parents

A big thank you to everyone for a fantastic year and for making the end of term so special. Thank you for all the lovely gifts, cards and kind words, we are  overwhelmed with your kindness. Enjoy the summer break and we look forward to seeing the children settle into Year One in September.

Your child has brought home a Holiday Book with a list of  activities to try and complete to keep them busy in the holidays. We've given you a helping hand by providing the popping corn and umbrella for challenges 28 and 45. Please bring these books back in September to show Miss Dibley and Mrs Neale. 

 Happy holidays

lots of love

Mrs Mellor and Mrs Ingle



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Base Two Campfire!

Our forest school campfire was a great success! The children got to experience being around a campfire, toasted their own marshmallows (which were huge!) and created some wonderful shelters, which got water tested too! With some mixed results! We even had a visit from Mrs Ingle and Mrs Mellor who brought the Reception class out to see the campfire. Our whole afternoon as fantastic and we proved that we are all amazing team workers, creative thinkers and independent learners, well done Base Two!



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A Peek at the Week in Reception

We've been finding out about fish this week. We've been practising our fish dances ready for the whole school production. We've read the story of the Rainbow Fish and talked about sharing and being a good friend. We also looked at some real fish from the Morrison's fish counter!

We have been practising adding and taking away using a number line to jump forwards and backwards.

There has also been lots of expectant mums in Reception this week! We've got lots of Crossdale families about to have babies so this was a real hot topic of conversation as well as opportunities to role play. 

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Busy in our PJ's

We had a great time yesterday. Here's a peek at what we got up to......

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Cress Sandwich Instructions

We have had a great week planting more cress as the first crop didn't grow very well! We looked at what could have gone wrong (the children were such great problem solvers) and tried again. While were waiting for it to grow we bought some from the shops so we could go ahead and make our cress sandwiches. The children were fantastic and were very keen to taste the cress, some for the first time. They talked about the other vegetables they liked and showed off their knowledge about healthy eating. The children have all written their own instructions so they can have a go at making their family cress sandwiches. Enjoy!

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